Boilers can become very confusing when considering replacing as there are so many different brands and models out there that its impossible to know what one is best for you and your property. 

We have been installing products designed and installed to provide the highest levels of quality and reliability.

The best way to find out the cost of a gas boiler installation is to get a free estimate from us. We’ll inspect your old system and give you a realistic, affordable quote that suits your budget and your needs.


Cost to exchange a combination boiler in the same location 

Approx cost. 

Included with installation

1) Replacing with an Ariston Combi 5 yr warrantied boiler.

£1599 + vat

Mechanical clock, filling link

2) Replacing with a mid range Ideal Independent 5 yr warrantied boiler.

£1750 + vat

Mechanical clock, filling link,magnetic filter

3) Replacing with a premium Bosch 25i boiler with extended 8 yr warranty.

£2250 + vat

Digital stat and receivers,integral filling link, magnetic filter

The table above sets out the standard installation costs and warranty periods given by Vokera, ideal and  Worcester for their boilers.Detail also of what is installed including programmers, magnetic filters.

By using a Worcester Accredited Installer (as we are) you will gain at least 3 additional years of cover from Worcester.

Combination Boilers

A combination boiler is both a high-efficiency water heater and central heating boiler in a single compact unit. These boilers heat water directly from the mains so there is no need for cold water storage tanks within the loft or hot water cylinders to be installed that save space within your property. 

As the water is directly from the mains it can increase the pressure of your hot water.


  • Cost effective and energy efficient
  • Compact size
  • No water tanks or cylinders needed
  • Less pipework
  • Can increase water pressure


Regular Boilers

These boilers can be known as conventional or heat only boilers. They are recommended ideally for homes that already have heating and hot water systems which are linked to a separate hot water cylinder. Regular boilers need two cold water storage tanks one for supply the hot water cylinder and the other for the central heating system.

They are the perfect boiler for older homes with old radiators as they may not be able to handle the pressure increase of water that combination and system boilers provide.


  • Perfect for homes that use large amounts of hot water
  • Ideal for two or more bathrooms
  • Compatible with solar water heating systems



Worcester Boiler Installation

Our Worcester boiler installations come with a minimum 7 year guarantee from Worcester Bosch. When combined with other Worcester products (such as a programmer, filter and/or cylinder) the guarantee period is extended to 8-10 years and covers all of the products fitted (see table below).

Extended guarantees with a Worcester Accredited Installer


Non-accredited installer

Stewart & Stewart installed

Upgrade Guarantee


CDi range



Si range



Ri range



i range


The table above sets out the guarantee periods given by Worcester for their range of boilers and extended guarantee periods when combined with other Worcester products, including programmers, magnetic filters and cylinders.

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